Founded in 1972, Central Holidays is an award-winning travel brand that offers superior travel programs, value, and service to enchanting destinations across Italy, the Mediterranean, Africa, West Asia, Latin American and Cuba. As true destination specialists, we offer an expansive range of Independent, Escorted, Hosted, and Land/Cruise itineraries.

Group Travel Experiences are a hallmark of our company, offering special interest travel, religious pilgrimages, and fully-customized programs. Our newest brand, Journeys by Central Holidays, was created to orchestrate tailor-made travel experiences that redefine luxury.

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Venice, Florence & Rome
Independent - Rail
Venice, Florence & Rome
Venice - Florence - Rome
Mykonos & the Aegean
Land & Cruise
Mykonos & the Aegean
Athens - Mykonos - Cruise
Volcano & Beach Getaway
Volcano & Beach Getaway
Arenal Volcano - Langosta Beach
Best of Jordan
Best of Jordan
Amman - Petra - Dead Sea - Wadi Rum - Aqaba

Top destinations


France vacation packages

Our France vacation packages allow you to experience the style and class that only a tour to France can provide. We offer France tour packages which exhibit France's gifts to the world, which are undeniable: rich cultural history, political significance, gastronomic ...more>>>


Spain vacation packages

If you are considering vacation travel to Spain, there is no need to look further than Central Holidays. We provide Spain Tours that highlight the best of what a holiday in Spain should offer.Consider a tailor-made customized tour package, or a more flexible ...more>>>


Greece vacation packages

Surrounded by aquamarine seas, Greece is a land of heroes and legends. Experience its mythos with Central Holidays. Customizable city tours of Athens, Delphi, and Plakaunveil world-famous archeological wonders and stylish cosmopolitan amenities  ...more>>>


Italy vacation packages

Travel to Italy has never been easier. Italy Tours and vacation packages from Central Holidays will guarantee exposure to an Italy that is revered for its contribution to world culture and the arts. Make the most of your Italy vacation with Central Holidays. ...more>>>


Cuba vacation packages

Dream up your ultimate adventure and delve into our programs throughout Cuba. The most authentically rich experiences await with Central Holidays, featuring inspired itineraries, unparalleled one-of-a-kind moments, and off-the-beaten-path programs!   ...more>>>


Peru vacation packages

Imagine forgotten temples entangled in jungle vines, cobwebbed ancient tombs baked by the sun, wild rivers raging, pumas prowling in the night, and bejeweled treasure, lost for thousands of years. It’s not a movie. This is Peru. Peru will astound you with its diversity. ...more>>>


Israel vacation packages

Israel is a land and a people. The history of the Jewish people, and its roots in the Land of Israel, spans some 35 centuries. In this land, its cultural, national and religious identity was formed; here, its physical ...more>>>


Egypt vacation packages

Ancient temples to gods and goddesses stand silent as desert winds and sands swirl. Colossal shrines to mighty pharaohs loom on the horizon, testaments to god-like rulers whose power should never to be underestimated.  ...more>>>